Our parents left Taús to give a better future to their children. We want to return to Taús for the same reason (thrill).


Cal Rossa belonged to the Sala – Cervós family, that migrated to Manresa at the end of the 60s, as the vast majority of Taús residents. There they had four children and mostly the first summers they went to Taús. As time went by and the children grew up they did not go to Taús so often and the house became deteriorated.

Remember the origins

Who are we?

Francesc, Joana, Kiro, Montse, Ot, Txopo, Urgell and Xavi are the entrepreneurs that have decided to start Cal Rossa's project. They are descendants of Cal Ferrer de la Font, Cal Marxant and they're also bond familiarly to Cal Rossa, all of them houses of Taús.

The Project

The Cal Rossa's project starts from the will to revive the village of Taús, that a hundred years ago was the home of more than 300 people and now they are very little.

Our intention is to make a sustainable project at all levels: economic, energethic, environmental, personal, social...and based to the enxt values: sustainability, ecology, reuse, asset valuation and Pyreneeism.

Positive House

Cal Rossa generates more energy than the one that it consums during the year. It's an efficient construction made by wood of 3 floors and 300 m². Because of its construction with efficient wood, its energy saving compared to a traditional building it's around 90%.

The photovoltaic roof made by solar plaques of 5kw generates more energy that the energy that's consumed, energy that can be used in very different ways, as bicycles load or electric vehicles.

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Implementació d’estratègies de desenvolupament local
Actuació del Programa de Desenvolupament Rural de Catalunya 2014-2022 cofinançada per:

Unió Europea Fons Agrícola Generalitat de Catalunya Generalitat de Catalunya

Ajut rebut 2020: 4.034,10 € (43% FEADER – 1.734,66 € / 57% DARP – 2.299,44 €)
Títol de l’actuació: Adaptació dels espais comunitaris de Cal Rossa per àpats, celebracions, teambuilding

Ajut rebut 2022: 74.347,76 € (43% FEADER – 31.969,54 € / 57% DARP – 42.378,22 €)
Títol de l’actuació: Espai de workation ecoturístic a Cal Rossa Taús