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The “minairons” are fantastic beings very laborious that worked in the richest houses in the Pyrenees

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Els Manairons

2+2 Guests

The “minairons” are fantastic beings very laborious that worked in the richest houses in the Pyrenees.

In “la Guàrdia” there was a house that owned some. One day they told their boy to bring a small box to Cabó, but they told him not to open it above all. When he was in l’Aubaga de la Guardia”, curiosity won and the boy opened the box…From the inside appeared some tiny men who told him “If you don’t give us work, we’ll kill you!” and that boy had the idea to ask them to pick all the mountain stones up and stack them there… They are still in the same place and, if you want, you can go to see them…

This is the story our grandmother told us, but there are lots of them around the Pyrenees…If you want, you can read more here.

We’ve decorated the apartment with reddish colours, like the stone stack from the Minarions of “la Guardia”, and elements related to the mithology of the Pyrenees.

  • Rooms: loft type, separated by a wall, without door and a sofa bed in the dining room.
  • Beds: 2 + 2
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • Kitchen; equipped with fridge, cooktop, oven, grill-microwave and all the equipment required for your stay.

** Cal Rossa counts with a washing machine and a dryer at the guests disposal.


Stay2 Guests
2 nights / weekend215,00€
3 nights / during week215,00€
6 nights / week550,00€
August 2022650,00€
Additional guestsPrice per guest and night
Up to 2 guests15,00€

If any other combination for the reservation is needed, contact Cal Rossa by e-mail at info@calrossa.com or by phone at 683 33 70 56. We adjust prices if the number of people is less than the minimum capacity of the apartment (couples who want to stay in Taús 1900 or La Brama when the lofts are full).

Availability and bookings

Check availability
Please, contact us via WhatsApp for bookings more than 2 months in advance

    Number of placesfrom 2 to 4
    double bed 190x180cm1
    Sofa-bed 190x90cm2
    tv 40"1
    pellet heater1
    Oven / microwaveYes
    fridge with freezerYes
    Cooktop 2 firesYes
    towels includedYes
    bed sheets includedYes
    wc paperYes
    cleaning productsYes
    apartment's cleaningNot included
    flat plates4
    deep plates4
    desert plates4
    coffee with milk /tea cups4
    coffee cups4
    table knives4
    desert spoons4
    plastic organiser for cutlery1
    bread knife1
    small meat knife1
    meat knife1
    black serrated knife1
    manual beater1
    wooden kitchen tools (spoon, fork, spatula or similars)3
    big spoon1
    Slotted spoon1
    Spike spoon1
    Wine opener1
    Plastic measure1
    Glass juicer1
    Multiple grater1
    Pasta colander1
    Wooden cut board1
    Antisplatter cover1
    Microwave cover1
    oven tray1
    Small pan1
    Large pan1
    Pot with cover1
    ceramic small bowl1
    Trays to serve2
    coffe pot1
    tea pot1
    water jar1
    recycling bucket1
    kitchen cloth1
    Drain bucket1
    Cleaning cloth2
    Dish scourer1
    Body backpack
    Chamber pot
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